Cooperation with institutions

Organization Association Spectra is a member of the umbrella European transgender human rights organization TGEU, the European organization dealing with the human rights of young LGBTIQ people „IGLYO“, as well as the regional LGBTIQ organization ERA – Equal rights association.

Association Spectra has established cooperation with the following regional LGBTIQ organizations: Sarajevo Open Center, Trans Aid, Trans Balkan Network, Gayten LGBT, Transforma, Alleanca LGBT, Tuzla Open Center,

Since its establishment, Association Spectra has received the support of the following donors for its activities: Planet Romeo Foundation, Transgender Europe (TGEU), FRIDA – The Young Feminist Fund, Active Citizenship Fund, NGO Juventas, Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, Trace Foundation. Ministry of Culture, US Embassy, RYCO – Regional Youth Cooperation Office, Media Institute, Stonewall International.