About Us

Spektra was founded in year of 2017 by a non-formal group of activists who were active within a LGBTIQ Association Queer Montenegro. The name of the group was Transovci, which roughly translated means trans people from the planet Mars or Transtians.

In Montenegro, which is strongly patriarchal, hetero and cis-normative society, with emphasized masculine and violent culture, trans people are facing violence and discrimination in families, streets, work places, schools, health care and legal system. For many years, trans persons were invisible or misrepresented in our society. Since we believe in change driven by the movement which lies on values such as non-violence, self-determination, body integrity, respect, feminism, equal treatment and equal access to health, social and legal system, we wanted to organize and give a form to a strong voice of trans, gender diverse and intersex community, which will bring us equality.

Through an informal group “Transovci”, during the whole 2016, we have implemented numerous activities in the purpose of raising visibility and empowering the community. These activities included street and media actions, and building a strong community of trans and gender diverse  people, as well as many team building activities and trainings in order to build capacities of our team members. Transovci hosted a regional event which gathers trans, gender diverse and intersex persons – Transposium, organized by Trans Network Balkan, with the logistical support of Queer Montenegro, which is the only event of its kind in the Balkans, moving the venue for the first time, from Croatia to Montenegro. Uniting our efforts to make Trasposium happen was the tipping point for the team members and our empowerment. Once all of the members felt united and empowered we came to the idea of founding an a first trans led organization and so the story of Spektra begins.

Association Spektra is now working on promotion and protection of human rights of trans, gender diverse and intersex persons. We are a grassroot organization, with main focus on building a strong movement which will drive the change in the pursuit of bringing equality to our diverse community.

Strategic plan – Association Spectra