Our Programs and Activities

Within Spectra, there are several programs which operate with numerous activities:

Community Building Program

Our Community Building Program provides activities for empowerment, support, and capacity-building for trans-, gender-diverse, and intersex persons. Within this program, we organize a self-support group, individual consultations, online support, workshops, HIV and STD prevention activities, facilitate access to medical practitioners in gender affirming process, provide support during legal gender recognition, and report  violence/discrimination.

Advocacy Program

The Advocacy program is focused on Law and policy change in terms of promotion and protection of human rights of trans-, gender-diverse, and intersex persons. Our main focus in this program is advocating for legal gender recognition based on self-determination, depathologization, and respect for body integrity. Our main activity in this program was presenting draft of the “Law on gender and sex identity”, created in partnership with Queer Montenegro, Juventas, and Institute for Legal Studies. If adopted, it will provide the right to LGR to trans persons without medical requirements, prohibit unnecessary surgeries on intersex people, and arrange several rights concerning family life and discrimination based on gender and/or sex characteristics.

Public Relations Program

Our Public Relations Program is focused on  activities aiming to raise visibility and awareness about trans- and intersex issues through media, storytelling, street actions, and other tools of raising and amplifying our voices.

Education Program

Through this program, we provide education regarding human rights and equal treatment of trans-, gender-diverse, and intersex people, for different institutions and stakeholders. So far, we have been involved in educational trainings organized by our partners Queer Montenegro and Juventas, for: medical practitioners, psychologists, pedagouges, police officers, social workers, journalists, and others.