Our Mission, Vision, and Values

The vision of NGO „Spectra“ is – A society in which all persons enjoy equal rights, in which all identities and bodies are respected and differences are celebrated.

The mission of Spectra is to eradicate gender-based violence in Montenegro through the creation of a strong, visible movement, advocacy, education and active involvement of trans, gender-diverse and intersex persons in the creation and implementation of policies that ensure equality and respect for diversity.

Spectra’s values are:

 Pacifism – We believe in existence without practicing violence in any form. We strongly oppose any practice that constitutes physical, psychological, sexual and / or systemic violence.

 Self-determination – We believe that every person has the exclusive right to define their own identity (s), and we advocate for the legal recognition and respect of the same identities.

Feminist principles – We believe in gender equality for persons of all gender identities and / or sex characteristics.

 Intersectionality – In our activism, we are guided by the principle of intersectionality, which recognizes that we all have multiple identities, and that we can experience oppression based on multiple personal characteristics and / or belonging to different groups, without giving primacy to any of them.

Respect for identity, personal integrity and experiences – We believe in the authenticity of everyone’s identity and experience, without questioning them. We believe that personal integrity is an inviolable right of every human being, and we are especially committed to protecting it.

Work transparency – We are committed to actively and continuously communicating with the TIRVQ community and the general public, with the goal of keeping our work fully transparent. We believe that a transparent way of working is necessary so that the community we are committed to is aware at all times of our activities and the reasons behind them.

Teamwork and dialogue culture – We believe in activism that comes from assertive communication, responsibility sharing, and shared decision making. We do not retreat in the face of difficulties and conflicts, but rather solve them together.

Critical thinking – We actively participate in issues of importance to the TIRVQ community and the general public, with a critical approach and encouraging critical
thinking. We also readily welcome criticism of our work and are actively working to improve it.

Integrity – We make decisions in accordance with the values and goals of the organization, not allowing compromises that can violate them. We do not accept political pressure, we do not trade with human rights, we do not support those who do not share our values.