Self-support group

Self-support group for trans and gender diverse people was founded in 2013. within program for promotion and protection of trans human rights in LGBTIQ Association “Queer Montenegro”. Main motive for foundation of self-support group was a clear need for mutual empowering and support among trans and gender diverse persons. In the group, numerous topics which are important for the trans community are being discussed, such as: gender affirming process and experience sharing; coming out process; defense mechanism against discrimination and violence; acceptance of our own identities and bodies; sexual and reproductive health and many others.  Taken into consideration that trans and gender diverse persons are experiencing high level of violence and discrimination, strong support by our peers is of crucial importance for our physical and mental health, especially for those who are at the beginning of their journey of acceptance. Being aware of vulnerability of our community and constant exposure to different forms of violence, self-support group is facilitated by an experienced trans activists and guided by clear rules which are guaranteeing safe space for people of different identities and experiences. Group is organized once a week, on Thursday at 6pm, in the Drop in center of NGO Juventas.

If you are a trans or gender diverse person, or you are questioning about your gender, contact us, so you can join the group!

pravila grupe

Individual consultations

Individual consultations are a space for peer support for trans and gender diverse people, where you can come and talk in a comfortable atmosphere with experienced trans activists, who are educated in the field of peer counseling, as well as HIV and STDs prevention outreach work. If you want to talk 1 on 1, about your identity, self-body image, self-confidence and self-love, gender affirming process, coming out, dealing with family acceptance, discrimination and/or violence, health, legal gender recognition, share experience or have some dilemmas, this is a place to be!

Feel free to contact us and schedule your own!