Jovan Džoli Ulićević, Executive Director

Jovan is one of the founders of Spectra, where he works as an Executive director. He is an experienced trans activist, who started his activism in 2013, by founding a trans self-support group within Queer Montenegro. Since then he has done a lot of activities in the purpose of empowering and gathering trans community. He is involved in advocacy for human rights of trans and intersex persons, education, media, fundraising and community organizing. He enjoys working with people from the community, providing them support and empowerment. Jovan is very passionate in building a strong national and regional trans movement and he believes that the change can only be driven by the empowered grassroot movement.



Hana Konatar, Community building coordinator

Hana is young trans activist and one of the founders of Spectra. From 2016 she started as a volunteer in Queer Montenegro. She was a member of informal trans group where she was involved in creating and realization of visibility actions. Now she is a Community building coordinator who organizes self-support group for trans and gender diverse people and provides peer support to trans persons in need, specially to trans women. She enjoys in giving support to people and encouraging them to live by following their own feelings and thoughts.


Marija Jovanović, Public relations coordinator

Marija is a young activist, student of psychology and an artist. Even doe she is young, she has been involved in activism for human rights for several years. She is one of the founders of Spektra where, as Public relations coordinator, she is mainly focused on working with the community, art projects and public relations. In her work Marija is driven by the passion for freedom and equality among all living beings.


Katja Jovanović, Board member

Katja is a non-binary activist whose main scope of work is focused on providing support to non-binary people and educate society about non-binary identities and issues. They are very passionate about the community, its empowerment and solidarity in the pursue for freedom, equality and dignity. They feel mostly empowered themselves when they are witnessing trans people growing, nurturing self-love and self-appreciation.


Teodor Stojanović, Board member

Teodor is a trans activist, with main interests in outreach work and community organizing. Teo is very dedicated to gathering trans people, providing them space to hangout, discuss different issues within the community, empowering them to stand up for themselves. He is very active in raising visibility of the trans community and issues, especially through outreach work among young people.


Nikola Ilić, Board member

Nikola is a young trans activist, who is relatively new to activism, but has many plans and ideas for his contribution. He provides peer support for young trans people, with a wish to empower them through experience sharing and mutual support, building self-confidence and will to stand up for freedom. Nikola is dedicated to raising visibility on trans issues and plans to provide trans-specific education to different people.  


This is only a small part of our members. Within Spectra we gather people of varius identities, such as: trans men, trans women, non-binary and agender people; as well as people with different experiences: trans sex workers, trans migrants, trans persons living with HIV, trans persons using drugs, trans youth and trans elders. We are very dedicated in building a movement which will represent diversity of our community.

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